Ain region and Revermont

Cuisiat is a picturesque village and Treffort is a medieval little town .

In Cuisiat, the Revermont's Museum evokes the past from the XVIIIe .

Besides, 650 original varieties of vegetables are growing in a garden.

Through the forested area, you will find our pond for swimming, resting and walking.


On the spot:

-Acrobatic Circuit in forest, Hiking and walking, bike riding.

BOURG-en-BRESSE (16 km) offers some historical famous places.

The "Monastère Royal de Brou" with "l'Apothicairerie" (medieval chemist's shop)

Don't forget to stroll among Middle-Ages houses

and visit Pérouges, one of the most beautiful villages in France.


more informations: Ain Tourism and Revermont Tourism